Barnabas İncili 7'inci yüzyıldan gelen listede aykırı kitaplar bölümünde 24'üncü sırada yer almaktadır.

Catalogue of the Sixty Canonical Books (7th century) [=LX]

This list, which probably originated in the 7th century, and is transmitted in several manuscripts, reflects the view, widely held in the Greek Church at a later time, of the canon of 60 books (34 OT and 26 NT). There are only 26 NT books because the Revelation of John is missing. After the enumeration of the canonical books, there follows that of the writings 'outside the sixty' and the 'apocrypha'.



And the following apocryphal (writings)

[LX]4.The Patriarchs
[LX]5.The Prayer of Joseph
[LX]6.Eldad and Modad
[LX]7.The Testament of Moses
[LX]8.The Assumption of Moses
[LX]9.The Psalms of Solomon
[LX]10.The Revelation of Elias
[LX]11.The Vision of Isaiah
[LX]12.The Revelation of Zephaniah
[LX]13.The Revelation of Zechariah
[LX]14.The Revelation of Ezra

[LX]15.The History of James
[LX]16.The Revelation of Peter
[LX]17.The Circuits and Teachings of the Apostles
[LX]18.The Epistle of Barnabas
[LX]19.The Acts of Paul
[LX]20.The Revelation of Paul
[LX]21.The Teaching of Clement
[LX]22.The Teaching of Ignatius
[LX]23.The Teaching of Polycarp
[LX]24.The Gospel according to Barnabas
[LX]25.The Gospel according to Matthias

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